The Era of the Electric car

We were promised we would get it it for years. Finally here it is! Toyota had understood nothing with its hybrid cars. We proved we were right, Alleluia! French manufacturers have created "THE ELECTRIC CAR".
We blamed its low autonomy, Renault has even invented the removable battery. We now have a vehicle with 250 km of autonomy and can run up to 130 kph!

Goodbye global warming! We will be able to drive until the tires blow up (I know this reply comes from Rambo).

We can therefore quote the ranks of great inventors Volta for battery, Denis Papin for steam, Stevenson for the railroad, Graham Bell for telephone, Rudolph Diesel for the cycle of the same name and ... Carlos Goshn for the electric car.

But was it the very first electric car project?

In 1834, Thomas Davenport had the idea to move a small train using electricity. (The electric train was already born).

But in 1895 Charles Jeantaud participated to the race Paris-Bordeaux-Paris with an electric car. So he created a wagoon of 6 places equiped with 7 Horse Power Fulmen accumulators of 15 kg each (the famous lead-acid battery). Autonomy was about sixty kilometers to the average of 24 to 30 kph, which requires it to get fresh batteries along the way (does it mean somehing to you?). It must be said that wheels were made in wood, it could hardly go faster on the roads at this time.

Of course, 30 kph is not much, but on May 1, 1899 the Belgian engineer Camille Jenatzy, constructed the "Jamais Contente" which reached the 105.88 kph because it used the first road tires manufactured by Michelin.

Then, let's summarize the situation. From 1899 to 2011 (ie 112 years), we won 190 km of autonomy, and 30 kph. All this in the same comfort since you must take care of lights, heating and air conditioning.

We are living great times!